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Friday, May 29
WSCC 617

This session will allow conference attendees to get a glimpse of four conferences sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society by presenting a selection of the top papers from those meetings. A session of about 70 minutes will be devoted to each conference during which the program and/or general chair of the last edition of that conference will provide a brief introduction to the conference and then will serve as session chair during which several of the best, representative, or most interesting papers from that edition will be presented by the authors.

09:15-10:30 ARSO 2014
11:00-12:15 CASE 2014
14:30-13:40 HAPTICS 2014
16:10-17:20 HUMANOIDS 2014

2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO)


ARSO 2014
September 11-13, 2014
Evanston, IL
General Chair: Katsu Yamane, Disney
Program Chair: Jodi Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University

ARSO is a single-track workshop, aiming to provide world class researchers, engineers, investors, economists, and representatives of industry and government with a forum to discuss cutting-edge robotics technologies, business opportunities, and other impacts on human society. Topics range from psychological and philosophical aspects over interaction and communication to technological systems and architectures.

Highlighted Talks:

  • HERB's Sure Thing: A Rapid Drama System for Rehearsing and Performing Live Robot Theater
    Garth J. Zeglin, Aaron Walsman, Laura Herlant, Zhaodong Zheng, Yuyang Guo, Koval, Kevin Lenzo, Hui Jun Tay, Prasanna Velagapudi, Katie Correll, Siddhartha Srinivasa
    Presented by: Siddhartha Srinivasa
  • Robotic Rehabilitation Exercise in Hemiparetic Limbs Based on Functional Synchronization of Voluntary and Involuntary Nerve Impulses
    Jun Ueda, Lauren Lacey, Melih Turkseven, Minoru Shinohara, Arnold Maliki, Ilya Kovalenko
    Presented by: Jun Ueda
  • Reducing Uncertainty in Robotic Surface Assembly Tasks Based on Contact Information
    Amar Saric, Jing Xiao, Jane Shi
    Presented by: Jing Xiao
  • When Robots Lie: A Comparison of Auto-Defamation Law
    Meg Leta Ambrose, Ben M. Ambrose
    Presented by: Ben M. Ambrose
  • How the Law Will Think about Robots (and Why You Should Care)
    William Smart, Neil Richards
    Presented by: William Smart

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IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE)


CASE 2014
August 18-22, 2014
New Taipei City, Taiwan
General Chair: Prof. Ren C. Luo, National Taiwan University
Program Chair: Prof. Fan-Tien Cheng, National Cheng Kung University
Program Co-Chair: Prof. Chao-Chieh Lan, National Cheng Kung University

Conference topics cover the following emerging issues including Foundations of Automation; Agriculture; Life Science and Health Care; Automation in Meso, Micro, and Nano-scale; Manufacturing Automation; Discrete Event Systems; Scheduling and Optimization; Mechatronics; Industrial Informatics; Sustainable Production; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Networked and Control Systems; Power and Energy Systems; Smart Buildings; Big Data and Data Mining; Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Automation; Automation for Machine Tools; and Emerging Topics in Automation. Conference Program includes one keynote address, three plenary talks, three workshops, one industrial forum, two award competition sessions, and 40 oral sessions.

Highlighted Talks:

  • Optimal Scheduling of Single-Arm Multi-Cluster Tools with Two-Space Buffering Modules
    FaJun Yang, NaiQi Wu, Yan Qiao, MengChu Zhou
    Presented by: Mengchu Zhou
  • Optimization and Knowledge Management for a Sustainable Future
    (CASE 2014 Plenary Speech)
    Presented by: Bengt Lennartson
  • Optimized Task Distribution for Industrial Assembly in Mixed Human-Robot Environments - Case Study on IO Module Assembly
    Hao Ding, Malte Schipper, Bjorn Matthias
    (Best Application Paper Award Winner)
    Presented by: Hao Ding
  • Optimal Integration of Alternative Energy Sources in Production Systems for Minimum Grid Dependency and Outage Risk
    Kang-Ching Chu, Kazuhide Kaifuku, Kazuhiro Saitou
    (Best Student Paper Award Finalist)
    Presented by: Kang-Ching Chu
  • Energy and CO2 Efficient Scheduling of Smart Appliances in Active Houses Equipped with Batteries
    Kaveh Paridari, Alessandra Parisio, Henrik Sandberg, Karl H. Johansson
    (Best Student Paper Award Finalist)
    Presented by: Zhan Wang

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February 23-26, 2014
Houston, Texas, USA
Co-Chair: Marcia O’Malley, Rice University
Co-Chair: Seungmoon Choi, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Any papers related to haptic interaction are solicited. For example, fundamental scientific areas include: haptic interactions and their design, psychophysics and perception, biomechanics and motor control, haptic device design and dynamics, haptic rendering and modeling, control system design and analysis, low-cost, embedded/situated/ubiquitous haptic devices and applications, systems and networks involving haptic interactions, human-robot interactions involving touch, and touch sensing. Application areas cover education, entertainment and games, rehabilitation and health, art and music, collaboration, computer-aided design and prototyping, skills training, guidance, and simulation and data visualization.

Highlighted Talks:

  • Factors Affecting the Design of Untethered Magnetic Haptic Interfaces
    Joseph Brink, Andrew Petruska, David Johnson, Jake Abbott
    (Best Paper Award)
    Presented by: Jake Abbott
  • Sensory Substitution Using 3-Degree-of-Freedom Tangential and Normal Skin Deformation Feedback
    Zhan Fan Quek, Samuel Benjamin Schorr, Ilana Nisky, William Provancher, Allison Okamura
    (Best Student Paper Award)
    Presented by: Zhan Fan Quek
  • Presenting Virtual Stiffness by Modulating the Perceived Force Profile with Suction Pressure
    Lope Ben Porquis, Daiki Maemori, Naohisa Nagaya, Masashi Konyo, Satoshi Tadokoro
    (Best Demonstration Award)
    Presented by: Masashi Konyo
  • Delay Compensation in Shared Haptic Virtual Environments
    Clemens Schuwerk, Rahul Chaudhari, Eckehard Steinbach
    (Best Poster Award)
    Presented by: Clemens Schuwerk
  • Combining Haptic Guidance and Haptic Disturbance: An Initial Study of Hybrid Haptic Assistance for Virtual Steering Task
    Hojin Lee, Seungmoon Choi
    (Best Paper Award Candidate)
    Presented by: Seungmoon Choi
  • Closed-loop Stiffness and Damping Accuracy of Impedance-type Haptic Displays
    Nick Colonnese, Sean Sketch, Allison Okamura
    (Best Paper Award Candidate)
    Presented by: Nick Colonnese
  • An EMG-based Approach for On-Line Predicted Torque Control in Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation
    Claudio Loconsole, Stefano Dettori, Antonio Frisoli, Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Massimo Bergamasco
    (Best Paper Award Candidate)
    Presented by: Antonio Frisoli

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2014 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANIOIDS)


Humanoids 2014
November 18-20th 2014
Madrid, SPAIN
General Chair: Carlos Balaguer, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
Program Chair: Giorgio Metta, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

The HUMANOIDS 2014 theme is "Humans and Robots Face-to-Face" confirms the growing interest in the field of human-humanoid interaction and cooperation, especially during daily life activities in real environments. The conference’s scopes focus on the next generation of humanoids: Novel design, Locomotion planning, Learning, Grasping and manipulation and Modelling and simulation.

Humanoids 2014 had more than 460 participants and accepted a record number of 173 scientific papers from 30 countries. They cover a wide range of topics on humanoid robotics and related technologies. The workshops were also an important part of the conference with the highest ever number of 17 ones. These figures represent a growth of about 60% with respect to the previous conferences and demonstrate the nowadays importance of the humanoids topic.

Highlighted Talks:

  • Humanoid flexibility deformation can be efficiently estimated using only inertial measurement units and contact information
    Mehdi Benallegue, Florent Lamiraux
    (Mike Stilman Award)
  • Motion planning for dual-arm assembly of ring-shaped elastic objects
    Ixchel G. Ramirez-Alpizar, Kensuke Harada, Eiichi Yoshida
  • Extracting whole-body affordances from multimodal exploration
    Peter Kaiser, David Gonzalez-Aguirre, Fabian Schültje, Júlia Borras, Nikolaus Vahrenkamp, Tamim Asfour
  • Optimization based full body control for the ATLAS robot
    Siyuan Fengy, Eric Whitmanz, X. Xinjilefuy, Christopher G. Atkeson

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