IEEE Robotics and Automation Society IEEE

Ph.D. Forum

Tuesday, May 26
WSCC 602

The Ph.D. Forum provides an opportunity for a group of Ph.D. students to discuss and explore their research interests and career objectives with a panel of established researchers in robotics. The consortium has the following objectives:

  • to provide a setting for mutual feedback on participants' current research and guidance on future research directions;
  • to develop a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research;
  • to support a new generation of researchers by offering advice about academic, research, industrial, and non-traditional career paths; and
  • to contribute to the overall conference goals through interaction with other researchers and participation in conference events.


(subject to change)

08:30-08:45 Opening
08:45-09:35 Keynote: Raja Chatila, ISIR
09:35-10:00 [P1] Shan Luo, King's College London
Mentor: Dieter Fox
10:00-10:30 Break & Poster Session 1
10:30-10:55 [P2] Chinwe Ekenna, Texas A&M University
Mentor: Bernadine Dias
10:55-11:20 [P3] Animesh Garg, University of California, Berkeley
Mentor: Gregory Hager
11:20-11:45 [P4] Krispin Davies, University of Calgary
Mentor: Marco Pavone
11:45-12:25 Career Panel
12:25-13:30 Round-table Luncheon
13:30-13:55 [P5] Jun Ki Lee, Brown University
Mentor: Pieter Abbeel
13:55-14:20 [P6] Hend Al Tair, Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research
Mentor: Manuela Veloso
14:20-14:45 [P7] Changjoo Nam, Texas A&M University
Mentor: Dan Lofaro
14:45-15:10 [P8] Bilal Kartal, University of Minnesota
Mentor: Ayanna Howard
15:10-15:45 Break & Poster Session 2
15:45-16:10 [P9] Kai Weng Wong, Cornell University
Mentor: Dylan Shell
16:10-16:35 [P10] Halit Bener Suay, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mentor: Jens Kober
16:35-17:35 Breakout Group Discussion
17:35-17:45 Closing



  • Professor Ayanna Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Chair
  • Jamie Paik, EPFL, Co-Chair
  • Hae Won Park, Georgia Institute of Technology, Co-Chair
  • Xiaorui Zhu, Harbin Institute of Technology, Co-Chair