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Speaker Instructions

All technical paper sessions at ICRA 2015 will have the same organization: first, brief 3-minute spotlight talks for all papers (either 8 or 9) in the session, and then an interactive session of about 40 minutes for all papers in the session that will be held in the session room.

We will have student volunteers in each session room to help as needed with the spotlight talks and interactive sessions.  We will also have a speaker ready area set up outside WSCC 601 that speakers can use to prepare for their presentations and make last minute changes.

The Spotlight Talk

Please arrive in the session room at least five minutes before the session begins and be sure to let the session chairs know you are there. All speakers should sit in the first or second row near the podium since we will have very little time for the transitions. VGA connection will be provided and there will be no audio hookup for your computer.  It is recommended that your slides be in standard (4:3) size (i.e., not widescreen).

Each speaker will be allocated a total of 4 minutes for their spotlight talk: 3 minutes for the talk and 1 minute for questions. You will not be able to use slides/the projector when answering questions since the changeover to the next speaker will be initiated during the question period.

We will have large clocks similar to those that were used in IROS 2014 that will show you the time remaining for your 3-minute talk.


  • PRACTICE! This is a new format for many of us, and you will need to practice a number of times to get your message across effectively in only three minutes.
  • Your presentation is an advertisement for your paper, so focus on insights rather than details.
  • Avoid spending much time on related work.
  • Consider giving an application/motivation of your work, the main result, and one piece of technical "meat" (e.g., a theorem, a design principle, an equation, etc.) that will help the audience understand the methodology and the depth of the work, understanding that there will not be time for all the details.
  • You can see examples of 3-minute spotlight talks here and here.

The Interactive Session

The interactive portion of the session will be held in the same room as the spotlight talk and will begin immediately after the last spotlight talk. It will last approximately 40 minutes. You will present at the monitor that corresponds to the order in which you spoke in the spotlight talk portion of the session. For example, if you were the first speaker you will present using monitor #1, and if you were the third speaker you will present using monitor #3.

The interactive presentations will use the electronic monitors as they have been in most of the recent ICRA and IROS conferences. We will have 40" LCD monitors, 1920x 1080 max resolution, with both HDMI and VGA connections available. They will NOT have sound. There will be a shelf on a floor stand for you to place your laptop.

At least one of the paper authors must be available at the monitor assigned to their paper during the entire interactive session. If you have more than one author for your paper, then we recommend you have two authors at your interactive station. This allows one author to walk around and talk to other authors of the other papers while the second author presents the work.

If there are people waiting to talk to you, limit your discussion with any one attendee. Schedule a time later to get together to discuss in more detail.

You should have several slides prepared that get into the details, but do not plan to give full 15-minute one-way talks. The format of the interactive session should encourage lively discussions between paper authors and audience members. The format of the interactive session is not to repeat the same 15-minute one-way talk over and over until the end of the session.